Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ryan and Kim's Wedding Ceremony


We were all very excited for Ryan's big day, the first in a string of weddings in our family, that many of us arrived at Santuario a good one hour ahead of schedule. :)



IMG 8586

Killing time at Starbucks with long-time-no-see family from San Francisco



IMG 9174

I am in love with the beautiful (and purple) wedding invite



IMG 8604

And the flurry of purples at the church. I imagined everyone smelled like ube cake. Hee hee.



IMG 8597

More long-time-no-see family: Charlie, Joy, and Achi Timmy



IMG 8607

The Dashing Groom



There were 6 sets of principal sponsors, best man, maid of honor, 3 sets of groomsmen and bridesmaids, 3 sets of secondary sponsors, ring bearer, bible bearer and 7 flower girls… WHEW!!!



IMG 8613

I only took a picture of my brother and our very pretty cousin Bianca :)



IMG 8614

And the flower girls, because they were just too cute! Like ube cupcakes! :)



IMG 8622

The Anticipation



IMG 8623

Here she comes!



IMG 8625

The Excitement. The Happiness. The Sparkle in His Eyes.



IMG 8628

The bride with her parents (who really looked more like her brother and sister)



IMG 8640

The Vows. According to the priest, one of the longest he's ever heard.
I enjoyed every word of it.



IMG 8643

The Kiss



IMG 8642

The Serious Photography Peoples



IMG 8650

The Family of the Groom



IMG 8658

The Kiss (The Repeat)



IMG 8603

One day I will have my own wedding, too.
Just waiting for this handsome little man to turn 18. :P



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Congratulations, Ryan and Kim!!! :)


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