Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tonkatsu Inaba Wako ♥ ♥


I couldn't fly out of Japan without having tonkatsu, could I?


IMG 7810

Last hurrah at Narita before taking off



IMG 7807

Inaba Wako is a tonkatsu chain with locations all over Japan. I'm so happy there's also one
at the airport. I love last-minute eating more than last-minute shopping! :)



IMG 7803

 "Pork Cutlet Volume Set"
I guess "volume" meant big, because this one was cut into thick, chunky slices.
I can't say I haven't had better tonkatsu, but this one was mighty fine. 



IMG 7804

"Variety Set"
Pork, prawn, and pork stuffed with cheese!



IMG 7809

Dessert was this melon-flavored KitKat I bought next door. I wish I could ask the kitchen
to deep fry it for me. Joke!!! :D 



Tonkatsu Inaba Wako: 4th Floor, Main Building, Terminal 2, Narita Airport, Japan. Tel: +81 4 7634 6135

Tonkatsu Inaba Wako Website

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