Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cathay Pacific Inflight Meals MNL-NRT-MNL


There is something very wrong with me.

Even when I've eaten lots beforehand, I always feel hungry once I step inside an airplane.


See what I ate en route to Tokyo.


From Manila to Hong Kong on flight CX904:


IMG 4655

Apple turnover, fresh fruits, yogurt, tomato juice and coffee



IMG 4656

Stir-fried egg noodles with barbecued pork and mixed vegetables, pork and shrimp dumpling



IMG 4657

I also had some of my seatmate's Spanish omelette with grilled beef patty,
sautéed mushrooms and spinach :)



From Hong Kong to Narita on flight CX504:


IMG 4671

 Assorted nuts and crunchies



IMG 4676

Roasted duck breast with asparagus, cucumber, green apple and celery salad.
Wild herb salad with dried tofu skin, pickled quail egg and mushrooms.
Mugwort soba noodles and garlic bread.



IMG 4677

Baked salmon with sea urchin cream sauce, Japanese rice and mixed vegetables



IMG 4680

OOOPS. Clumsy.



IMG 4681

Cheeses and fruits



IMG 4683

 Coffee and strawberry ice cream



IMG 4684

I couldn't resist two pieces of chocolates :)



On the flight back home, I found that the CX seats have become rather snug. I had a hard time squeezing my big butt in.


IMG 7816


Not the airlines' fault, mind you. These things are bound to happen after 10 days of nonstop feasting in Japan.

Still the eating continued 40,000 feet aboveground.


Narita to Hong Kong on flight CX521:


IMG 7834

Sundried tomato pesto marinated prawns with French beans and roasted peppers.
Mixed salad with creamy Italian dressing. Nameko mushroom flavored soba noodles. 



IMG 7835

Baked ling fillet with ginger soy sauce, Japanese rice and mixed vegetables



IMG 7840

Cheeses and fruits



IMG 7839

I was excited to death to see they were showing my favorite childhood movie… The Goonies!!!!!
This was probably the only time in my life I didn't sleep during a flight. 



Hong Kong to Manila on flight CX905:


IMG 8373

Saffron and ricotta tortellini in creamy tomato concasse



IMG 8372

Again, I stole some of my neighbor's wok-fried kurobuta pork in sweet chili sauce, 
steamed jasmine rice and stir-fried choi sum 



Please tell me you eat as much as I do when you travel.

Cathay Pacific Website

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