Thursday, November 29, 2012

Delicious Kitchen, Revisited ♥ ♥


IMG 8219

Quick lunch together before everybody disappeared for the day



IMG 8222

We each had a bowl of our Delicious Kitchen staple - Pork Chop with Vegetable Rice.
The fried sweetish pork always hits the spot. 



For sharing: 


IMG 8230

Braised Beef Tendon Nanjing Style. Sticky, slimy, gooey goodness. This is the bomb!



IMG 8220

Beef Tendon Noodle Soup



IMG 8233

Fried Wonton



IMG 8235

Sea Blubber



IMG 8234

Stir Fried Kai-lan 



IMG 8237

Mapo Tofu



IMG 8238

Chicken in Wine Sauce



IMG 8229

Scrambled Egg White



IMG 8228

Soya Milk



IMG 8226

Morning faces (but the time was already 12:05)


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