Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Promenade des Anglais


It's a nice and sunny strip full of people, tiny pebbles, bicycles, umbrellas, trees, clear waters and blue skies...

And the best thing is, everything's right outside my hotel!

Life's a beach.


IMG 9454


IMG 9452


IMG 9473


IMG 9468


IMG 9556


IMG 9557


IMG 9558


IMG 9565


IMG 9567


IMG 9575


IMG 9580


The whole city is walking around in shorts, bikinis, bare skin and sunblock...


IMG 9476


IMG 9465


IMG 9458


IMG 9566


IMG 9455



Well, except for this lone Asian tourist who is all covered up...


IMG 9574

What??? I just got off the plane!



IMG 9571

But so ready to hit the beach!



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