Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cathay Pacific Inflight Meal, Manila to Paris


The eating had started even before I stepped foot in France.

It begun as soon as I got on the plane, got off the plane and into the lounge, got out of the lounge and into the plane again.



Manila - Hong Kong

IMG 1193

My favorite Cathay Pacific signature drink, Cathay Delight
A kiwifruit based non-alcoholic drink with coconut juice and a touch of fresh mint 



IMG 9392

Dinner: Pan fried Mediterranean sea bass with tomato concasse, parsley mashed potatoes,
asparagus, fennel and pumpkin. Fresh fruits. Marble cheesecake with strawberry compote.



IMG 9400

After I ate food, I watched food. Couldn't help it. Suckling pig!



IMG 9404

Had a steamed BBQ Pork Bun at the Hong Kong Airport CX Lounge



Hong Kong - Paris

IMG 9415

Mixed nuts. I love macadamia.



IMG 9418

Dinner Part Two: Mixed salad with roasted duck breast and French vinaigrette.
Roasted salmon with camembert rarebit and tomato concasse, potatoes with herb and asparagus.



IMG 9422

Watched food while I ate food. Baked clams!



IMG 1198

Cambozola, double gloucester, chaumes with cabernet paste
Chateau de Maison Neuve Montagne Saint-Emilion 2009 



IMG 9429

Breakfast: Fresh fruits and muffin



IMG 1200

Muesli and coffee



IMG 9433

Dim sum: Chicken and ham in beancurd skin, pork siumai with crab roe, seafood dumpling,
mushroom and vegetable dumpling, pork and chive dumpling



And look what greeted me at Charles de Gaulle airport...


IMG 9438

Hello, Laduree!



IMG 1217

Had a few pieces while waiting for my connecting flight to Nice




Rose, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Pistachio



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