Friday, August 17, 2012

Savoy Bistro ♥ ♥


No fun and wild dress up party like 365 days ago

This year I had quite a serene birthday celebration with family...

… and steaks.


IMG 8741

 Savoy Bistro is housed inside the East Asian Art Gallery which explains why there are just too
many display objects in the restaurant. All the paintings, sculptures and knick knacks you see,
you can take them home for a fee.



P8055934 2

We occupied this cozy private room...



IMG 8663

Where we had great view of the kitchen action



IMG 8641

This complimentary appetizer of chorizo and olive on pumpernickel is really delicious.
I wiped out the plate in no time. 



IMG 8650

Mussels & Co. in Tomato and Basil



IMG 8657

Mussels & Co. in White Wine and Cream 

The mussels were fresh, plump and juicy. I had a grand time mixing the two sauces in my bowl, throwing in chunks of crusty bread and drinking the whole thing like soup. Yumminess.


The mains were just okay. Good but nothing to write home about.



US Scallops in Garlic and Wine
Roasted pumpkin and sun dried tomato risotto 



P8055969 2

Steak Walewska
Topped with prawns, asparagus and Bearnaise sauce 



IMG 8683

Tournedos Rossini
King of steaks served with pan fried foie gras and truffle sauce



IMG 8668

Salpicao Steak Strips
Spanish-influenced succulent beef tenderloin in garlic and wine 



IMG 8672

Steak Diane
Classic tender beef steak in mushroom and cognac sauce with a touch of creme fraiche 



IMG 8674

Tournedos Pavarotti
Center cut beef fillet topped with gorgonzola cheese sauce



IMG 8678

3 Hour Merlot Braised Lamb Shank
With Tyrolian bacon risotto




Roasted Rack of Lamb
Moussaka timbal and roasted vegetables



P8055988 2

 Shrimp and Cognac Pasta Al Crema Style



IMG 8707

My Birthday Cakes
Mary Grace's Apple Pie, Bizu's Nirvana, Amour, Fresh Mango Chiboust, Chocolate Cake
Blue Toque's "The Ultimate" (SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!), Gigi Gaerlan's Green Tea Fete de Fleur  



P8056062 2

Ready, set, go!!!



IMG 8710

Happy Birthday to me :)



Savoy Bistro: 8479 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. Tel: +632 896-5667

Savoy Bistro Website

Savoy Bistro Facebook Page

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