Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Cosplay Birthday at Ukokkei Ramen Ron ♥ ♥

I don’t know why the kids at the next table keep staring at me.

I notice the adults steal a few glances, but the children, it’s like when I entered the room someone pointed a remote control at them and pushed the pause button.

Chopsticks suspended in the air, mouths hanging open, they gawk at me like I’m some retard who just escaped from a mental institution.

IMG_0118I mean why would they think that?
I look pretty normal, RIGHT?

Besides, I’m just going to attend my own birthday party.

Venue:    Ukokkei Ramen Ron, Mabini (yes, the soup nazi has opened a second branch) Bowl
Theme:   Cosplay!!! (ooohhhhh…) NinjaPrincessAlienPunk
Time to Prepare: Less than 24 hours (PRESSURE!!!) Surprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smile

Because at 32, I am still fun, spontaneous, and exciting. Winking smile

Instead of confusing The Fatterside with too many choices, I created a menu displaying
4 of my favorite ramen. Each fatty fills up the order form with his
Engrish name, Japanese name, and choice of ramen.

I roll up the menu-slash-order-forms and stuff one in each of these cups. With the little Nippongo skills I acquired in college, I hand-painted the cups with our names in kanji.
These menu holders are also my birthday giveaways.

Everyone starts with an appetizer platter of Japanese Egg, Yaki Gyoza and Chicken Karaage

Then a bowl of ramen of his choice:

Dan Dan Men – nutty, creamy, sesame-y


Karamiso Negi Ramen – rich, flavorful, exciting


Miso Chashu Ramen – rich, flavorful, tame


Tonkkokei Ramen. But not one ordered this so sorry, no photo.

Dessert is assorted Japanese mochi in sesame, green tea, red bean and peanut

And, of course, MY BIRTHDAY CAKES!!!
Clockwise from top left: Diamond Hotel’s Baked Cheesecake from the Sorianos, Katherine Yu’s Chocolate Mousse Cake from Nikko, Diamond Hotel’s Supermoist Chocolate Cake from the Soriano’s, and Sweet Bella’s Strawberry Charlotte from Jr & Kim. Thank you, guys! Smile

But NO THANK YOU for the “Happy Out of the Calendar” greeting.
Frances, I know you are the mastermind of this!Baring teeth smile

And this is why I love my Fatterside cousins.

With less than a day’s notice, they all come in the cutest cosplay attire.

And while belching out my birthday song, they surprise me by suddenly holding up these inverted triangular pieces that spell Happy Birthday.

Well, that was the plan, but I guess not all of them know how to spell Happy Birthday Smile with tongue out

And then, they give me this Toms shoebox…

DSC_9544… and inside is an iPhone 4 (!!!!!!) complete with all my contacts, notes,
pictures, secrets, private messages, plus many other cool new apps!
Special mention to Auntie Babie who “kidnapped” my beloved iPhone 2G
the night before. To all the people who texted and called, now you know why
there was no reply. But now I can text you back with my spankin’ new phone! Party smile

DSC_9588Even the Fatterside Hong Kong Edition sent in their photos.
Thank you for celebrating with me in spirit, Ritchie, Paul and Johann!

DSC_9612aAnd of course, there will be no jinlovestoeat without Dad and Mom.

Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved. Red heart

And now, dear Readers, please help me choose the winner for the best costume contest!

                    Felisse as Minnie Mouse                                         Achi Donna as Grandma Mouse

           Diane as an Elementary Schoolgirl                        Princess as a High School Schoolgirl

               Frances as Naughty Schoolgirl                                         Nikko as a Blonde Lolita

                          Benjie as a Cowboy                                                          Jamie as Indianinja

                         Alexi as Kimono Girl                                                   Archie as Japanese Gigolo

                   Florence as Princess Fiona                                    JR & Kim as Ketchup & Mustard

Some of the oldies dressed up, too!

                   Auntie Nats as Mama-san                                                Auntie Babie as Piglet

Oh, and Alexi’s iPhone as Playboy Bunny. Hihihi!

I think my Gwama has the most fun tonight! Rolling on the floor laughing

Send in your votes now in the comments section! Smile

Ukokkei Ramen Ron: 888 Gateway Plaza, 2126 A. Mabini Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines.

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