Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rainy Days at Home


IMG 8803

The weather has been wild and crazy. We choose to have a quiet night and not go out for food.



IMG 8795

And guess what? Food chooses to come to us!



IMG 8798

CNT Lechon, flown in all the way from Cebu. Thank you, Auntie Nene!



P8086256 2

Look who gets the first dibs on it



IMG 8830

While the boys bond over the poor, delicious pig...



IMG 8746

I bond with my favorite rainy day drink



IMG 8747

Hot Dark Chocolate.
The instruction says "Just add hot milk or water"



IMG 8752

But you know me, I tend to go a little overboard at times



IMG 8809

I mix the dark chocolate powder with hot Magnolia Chocolait
and stir in a tablespoonful of Nutella



IMG 8815

Then I excitedly dunk in the rest of my stash

Stay safe, warm and sweet!


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