Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Higashiyama District ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 6241


It was such an enjoyable walk up and down the Kiyozumi Temple. The Higashiyama District is filled with narrow streets lined with rustic Japanese houses converted into cafes, restaurants and shops, all retaining their traditional design to preserve Kyoto's glorious past. 


IMG 6512



IMG 6316



IMG 6317



IMG 6326



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Of course, it really is a tourist area where you can find everything from pottery, porcelain, crafts, little Japanese snacks, mochi, and Hello Kitty.


IMG 6248



IMG 6244



IMG 6339



IMG 6337



IMG 6350



IMG 6520



IMG 6514



IMG 6504



IMG 6517



And of course, where Jin is, there is always eating!


IMG 6252

We had tofu, soba and unagi at Shibazaki (See post here)



IMG 6289

Then we had matcha latte with red beans, mochi and sweet potato at Caffe Oggi (See post here)



IMG 6493

And then we had matcha and chestnut cream puffs at Kiyomizuzaka Yatuhashi Syu (See post here)




IMG 6309

And then, Geisha sightings!!!



IMG 6311

I kept running after them for a photo op (pant, pant, pant)



IMG 6312

Finally, they noticed and stopped for me. Lol!



IMG 6315

There!!! A proper geisha souvenir! :)
Geishas are often described as "willows" because of their subtlety, strength and grace.



IMG 6250

Next time l come to Kyoto, I'm gonna dress in a kimono like these tourists



IMG 6503

This purple one is perfect!


 IMG 6488

And this man will be my date!



IMG 6523

Spotted this Red Bull car on our way out 


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