Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shibazaki ♥ ♥


We got hungry on our way up to Kiyomizudera and stopped for lunch at the first restaurant we spotted.


IMG 6252




IMG 6253

Shibazaki is prized for its soba, house made tofu and unagi



IMG 6262

The restaurant was busy on a Tuesday lunch 



IMG 6263

Cute toothpick and wooden spices container



IMG 6266

 Barley tea



IMG 6267

They take their tofu very seriously here



IMG 6270

Tofu and water and nothing else



IMG 6278

Place a soft and silky piece gently into your bowl and top with condiments.
Well, what can I say... tofu IS tofu. 



IMG 6277

Tempura Soba Set



IMG 6280

Unagi Soba Set. The grilled eel was nothing to write home about.



After eating, it's nice to check out other parts of the restaurant.


IMG 6284

On the second floor is a mini museum displaying the owner's collection of laquerware




 It is said that Shibazaki's collection is even more extensive than those of Tokyo and Kyoto
National Museums'




 I am liking this black dresser set




The urinal at the men's room is pretty neat, too! Lol! :P


Shibazaki: 4-190-3 Kiyomizu Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan. Tel: +81 75 525-3600

Shibazaki Website


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