Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kokoro Ramenya ♥ ♥


IMG 7375



Passed by this brightly lit new ramen place a few times and thought we should try it out for my niece's 5th birthday.

I heard one of the owners is an ex-Shinjuku chef. 


IMG 7294

The calm...



IMG 7312

… before the storm



IMG 7297

Tonight's menu



IMG 7301

Gyoza - these were delicious



IMG 7302

Agedashi Tofu



IMG 7314

California Maki



IMG 7311

Chicken Teriyaki



IMG 7299

Ebi Tempura



IMG 7303

Hakata Classic Ramen - Kokoro's signature ramen using pork bone broth.
Quite tasty although I prefer the soup creamier and the noodles firmer. 



IMG 7305

Karakuchi-Negi Ramen



IMG 7306

Curry Ramen



IMG 7309




IMG 7307

Chicken Curry Rice



IMG 7324

Uji Kintoki - green tea ice cream with red beans



IMG 7318

While the kiddos enjoyed a private viewing of the magic balloon show... 



IMG 7321

… a few adults enjoyed private drinking of their sake



IMG 7326

My nieces and nephew clowning around



IMG 7322

Thank you, Ninang Elyse, for the surprise!



IMG 7329

Riyanne's Pucca birthday cake from Ninang Frances. Super like!



IMG 7337

Our birthday girl with her cakes: Pucca Vanilla Cupcakes from Ninang Elyse,
UCC Green Tea Red Bean Cake, Bread Talk Hello Kitty Cake,
Patisserie Caroline Calamansi Dacquoise 



IMG 7374

As usual, our dinner get-togethers end up with everyone attacking the cake buffet



Kokoro Ramenya: 2/F, Avenue of the Arts Building, Santa Monica corner Roxas Boulevard, Pasay
Tel: +632 254-9716 

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