Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Upper House, Revisited ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 2165



If there is one place in Hong Kong where I can stay forever, it is in here, The Upper House.


IMG 2166

The Lobby



The Upper House swept me off my feet when I first stayed in this Swire-managed hotel in 2010. (Read about it here.) 

I was in the shopping and eating capital of Asia and was hesitant to step out of my room!


And what more this trip when we had the Upper Suite!!!


IMG 1972

Ooh la la!



IMG 1974

1,230 square ft of warm and cozy space. This is just the living room.



IMG 2167

Flat screen TV and a dining table where we had beautiful morning meals



IMG 1984

Welcome wine and fruits



IMG 1977

This is one of my favorite parts of the suite. These doors open up to...



IMG 1976

Ta-Da!!! The Maxi-Bar!



IMG 2318

All the little snacks and drinks (except for the wines) are complimentary



IMG 2317

I emptied these jars everyday and took everything home except for the Mentos. Lol! :)



IMG 2285

The Bedroom



IMG 2280

The Bedroom View



IMG 2289

Luggage stand and closet space



IMG 2290

The 400 square ft spa-inspired bathroom



IMG 2308

His and hers sinks and dressers



IMG 2300

The Bathtub and The Hong Kong Skyline View



IMG 2310

Make sure you roll down the blinds before you undress at night!



IMG 2305

You can watch your favorite shows while enjoying a bubble bath



IMG 2313

Separate shower



IMG 2291

Separate toilet



IMG 2195

Turndown snacks. Double chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies.



IMG 2169

On another night we got a small loaf of raisin bread



IMG 2185

Breakfast can be served in-room or upstairs at Cafe Gray Deluxe 



We ate in the comfort of our suite two mornings during our stay, and two other mornings we ate at the restaurant. (See separate post here.)

You can order as much as you want from the breakfast a la carte menu. Easily the very best hotel breakfast I've had in my life.



IMG 2180

First day breakfast spread



IMG 2196

Fresh orange juice and my favorite ginger-carrot yogurt smoothie.
So good I had this smoothie every single day!



IMG 2194

Smoked Salmon, Toasted Bagel, Capers and Cream Cheese



IMG 2186

Scrambled Eggs and Caviar "En Brioche"



IMG 2188

Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Maple Butter



IMG 2192

Fresh Berries



IMG 2365

Second day breakfast spread



IMG 2366

Oatmeal and Cornflakes Crusted Pannetone French Toast with Berry Compote
and Vanilla Whipped Cream



IMG 2377

Look at all those specks of vanilla in the whipped cream!



IMG 2367

Open Face Asparagus Egg White Omelette, Feta Cheese and Parsley with Tomato Concassee



IMG 2368

Cafe Grey Granola with Fresh Fruits



IMG 2369

Vanilla Yogurt



IMG 2177

I want to stay here in heaven forever



See my previous Upper House post here.

The Upper House: Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-29181838

The Upper House Website 

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