Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Upper House ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


That The Upper House is your home away from home, that is pure BS.


IMG_9897Because your home can never be this cool. Check out that ultra sexy logo.


IMG_9903Up to The Upper House


Now this is why Andre Fu, the young designer of The Upper House, is hailed as the Asian Design Sensation.





DSC02967No tacky signs. The room numbers are illuminated from beneath the veneers.


IMG_9942 Camouflage keycard sensor


IMG_9952 Studio 80 – 850 square feet of pure luxury. Forgive me for the not so perfectly made up bed. Couldn’t help jumping in before the photo shoot.


IMG_9953Super comfortable L-shaped couch


IMG_9958You get 2 sets of playing cards, too!


IMG_9967Another view of the bedroom. You can self check out using that sleek 41” LCD.


IMG_9962In your desk drawer: a Hong Kong travel booklet, a very neat case of cables and wires, and your very own iPod Touch! Yours only for the duration of hotel stay, of course.


I’ll let the iPod Touch do the talking.




IMG_0013The very well-stocked maxi-bar, my favorite part of the room.
Remember, except for the wines, everything else is free!


DSC03008 Dual temperature wine fridge


IMG_0011ATTENTION! Whoever can send me one year supply of these super addicting oatmeal cookies called Oaties (clue: they’re made in UK), you shall be rewarded with one year supply of wet and wild kisses.


IMG_0043 Firefly drinks to detox, recharge, sharpen and wake me up


IMG_9974An assortment of premium quality teas and coffees   


That’s me wanting to order room service in the middle of the night


I couldn’t have prepared myself enough for what I am about to see.

366 square feet of pure-bliss, spa-inspired bathroom.


IMG_9943His and hers sinks


IMG_9987Vanity table and dressing room


IMG_0003Doesn’t the lavatory look like an office? I’d be more than happy to work in here.


IMG_9992Walk-in rainshower


IMG_9994How about a nice long soak in your very own deep limestone clad tub while watching your favorite show?


IMG_9996 Or be mesmerized by the beautiful view of the Hong Kong skyline


DSC02989REN brand toiletries, the holy grail of skincare


DSC02992Oh bath salt, bath oil, bath soap, pumice and loofah, I am so gonna use you!


I don’t know what possesses me to come and check out the fitness center.



IMG_9933All state of the art gym equipment (not that I’m even slightly interested to take advantage)


IMG_9930I’m really just here for the protein bars


That The Upper House is your home away from home, that is pure BS.

Because no home can ever be as sweet as this.

Plus, Café Gray Deluxe on the 49th floor serves a mean coq au vin.


I do not ever want to leave.


The Upper House: Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-29181838

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