Friday, May 4, 2012

Hong Kong Street Food ♥


I am not a very difficult person to please.

A simple life makes me happy.

A good laugh.

Meaningful conversations.


Pic Collage.

Sappy movies.

Playing Draw Something with the person seated next to me.

And having Hong Kong street food any time of the day.



IMG 2274

I frequent this stall outside Prince Edward MTR station



IMG 2269

You place your order, pay up, and they bring the food to you



IMG 2272

 There's a small dining area inside, complete with restroom and an LCD TV, too. Ha!



What I have for lunch: 


IMG 2266

Chinese snails and curry fish balls



IMG 2267

 Fried chicken, pig ears, and my favorite fried intestines



IMG 2268




What I see around me while having my lunch:


IMG 3678

Lady putting fish siomai on sticks



IMG 3671

Lady carrying a bunch of raw intestines
(I thought it was human brain! Eww!)



IMG 3676

I've forgotten how simple and good life can be.
Dear Lord, I want to be happy again.


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