Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Hello Kitty 60th Birthday


Yes, you read it right.

It's a 60th birthday celebration.

And it's Hello Kitty-themed.

Only for my Auntie Cita! :)


IMG 5658

The Hello Kitty Hall



IMG 5662

 The Hello Kitty Centerpiece



IMG 5649

The Hello Kitty Cake



IMG 5670

The Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty lookalike emcees



Dinner is catered by The Manila Hotel.


IMG 5634

Lobster Bisque



IMG 5633




IMG 5624

Chicken Cordon Bleu



IMG 5630

Pan-fried Grouper with Saffron Sauce



IMG 5632

Pot Roast Pork



IMG 5620

Birthday Noodles



IMG 5617

 Buttered Veggies



IMG 5645

And my favorite dish of the night, Prime Rib.
Sorry, this photo does not do justice to its melt-in-your-mouth goodness.  



IMG 5646

 Guess who else can't get enough of the beef. Ahia Emil!



IMG 5644

The Dessert Station has mango crepes with caramel sauce, chocolate mousse, leche flan, 
marshmallow sticks



IMG 5639

Chocolate fountain, chocolate brownies, more chocolate mousse and a fruit bouquet



IMG 5651

My pretty cousin May and her equally pretty daughter Sabrina



IMG 5667

Dad and Ninang Nena



IMG 5695

 Mom and Ninang Adi



IMG 5693

Me and the gorgeous Billie Jean 



561266 421331317895913 100000571441465 1451935 277010762 n

Our Family
(Actually, this is just half of it) 



Guess where else I spotted Hello Kitty?


IMG 5647

The ice sculpture



IMG 5653

Amidst the roses



IMG 5687

 And in the fruit bouquet! Good job, Ahia Emil! :)



IMG 5702

Hello Kitty Birthday Giveaways



IMG 5679

 Happy Hello Kitty Birthday, Auntie Cita!!! :)



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