Monday, May 21, 2012

Hanakazu ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 4923



It's all Noel's fault.

Wagyu sashimi has been on my mind all day and all night, every hour, every minute, every second, every millisecond… you get the point.

I run to Hanakazu to keep me from going insane.



IMG 4874

Owner-Chef Otsuka and his Japanese Menu



IMG 4871

Complimentary fried tuna appetizer



IMG 4882

More complimentary appies: beef jerky, baby squid, picked cucumber



We order all sorts of food - salad, deep fried dishes, fried rice, ramen...


IMG 4885

Torikawa Salad
I got excited when I read chicken skin salad. I imagined the skin to be the fried crispy kind.
Turns out to be all soft and soggy. 



IMG 4887

Kimpira Gobo 



IMG 4900

Japanese Fried Oysters
We wanted to have these huge babies raw, but since they are not so fresh anymore, the chef 
suggests we have them fried. Well, there's no way I'm saying no to that!  



IMG 4902

Oyster innards
I find the batter a bit too thick, but love the plump and juicy filling exploding with the taste of the sea



IMG 4897

Tonkatsu Japan - tender and crispy



IMG 4903

I love the Beef Yakimeshi. So tasty and beefy!



IMG 4905

The yakimeshi also comes with a bowl of soup



IMG 4908

The Tonkotsu Ramen, however, is a huge disappointment. The noodles are springy enough
but the soup tastes instant.



The highlight of our meal at Hanakazu is...

(Drum roll, please!)


IMG 4890

This beautiful plate of superfresh sashimiiiiiiiissssssssss



IMG 4892

Wagyu Sashimi



IMG 4895




IMG 4896




IMG 4893

Toro. I die. 



Everything is as fresh and pristine as can be.

I'm so happy I want to cry. 


IMG 4911

Complimentary watermelon triangles drizzled in sugar syrup



IMG 4910

I order UCC Iced Coffee to end the meal



IMG 4875

On the counter are these pretty little crabs flown in from Japan for your eating pleasure



IMG 4881

Next time, little darlings, next time… :)


Hanakazu: 108 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque, Metro Manila. Tel: +632 850-2512

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