Monday, April 2, 2012

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine ♥ ♥


IMG 0569



There are way too many restaurants mushrooming around the Kapitolyo area it's not funny anymore.

I'm glad we come to Nav to celebrate Uncle Dennis' birthday.

Finally, I can say, "Oh Kapitolyo? Been there, done that!"

Har har har! :P



IMG 0570

I get excited at the sight of these spices-herbs-and-fruit-infused sauces



IMG 0572

The Thai Iced Tea and Fresh Pear Shake are a bit watered down but still welcome
refreshments in this crazy heat



IMG 4514

Son-in-Law Eggs - deep fried eggs in tamarind syrup. Honestly, no biggie.



IMG 4516

Nav's Pomelo Salad - now this one I like. Coconut-y with a hint of chili. Yum.



IMG 4511

Crab Cakes - over-fried :(



IMG 4508

Crispy Catfish Salad with Green Mangoes - the tang, the sweetness, the crunch,
like an exciting thai party in my mouth



IMG 0580

Green Curry Chicken - surprisingly tender



IMG 4521

Crispy Fish and Yellow Curry - deep fried sole and very mild curry. Nothing fantastic.



IMG 4519

Grilled Stuffed Squid with White Shrimps - soft and tender (and beautiful presentation, too!) 
but can use more flavor and a lot more zing



IMG 4525

Boneless Chicken Pandan - tender, crispy, tasty stuff



IMG 4523

Nav's Bagoong Rice - my kind of rice, very bold and bagoong-y!



IMG 4513

Nav's Pad Thai - I will never say no to thai rice noodles



IMG 4528

Because it's Uncle Dennis' birthday, we get a bowl of this nuclear green Pandan Crepe on the house


Oh, Kapitolyo?

Been there, done that!



Nav: 16-C United Street, Kapitolyo in Pasig City. Tel: +632 655-8395


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