Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stone Grill ♥ ♥


IMG 1323



Another Hong Kong family I miss a lot is my Shaw Brothers family.



IMG 1271So wonderful to gather together over bottles of wine...



IMG 1289

… and sizzling hot blocks of stone



Our appetizers:


IMG 1284

Taco Beef Chips - mexican beef chili on fried wonton chips.
So yummy we have plates and plates of this!



IMG 1279

Wagyu Carpaccio - goes beautifully with arugula, parmesan and pesto



IMG 1280

Rocket Salad - nutty, spicy, earthy, my favorite salad greens



IMG 1282

Seafood Basket - crab cake, prawn, scallop and onion ring in beer batter



IMG 1283

Caesar Salad with Parma Ham - love the presentation!



IMG 1287

Mushroom Soup



And we all had steak.


IMG 1290

My 6oz Full Blood Wagyu - it was just alright



IMG 1292

Canadian Angus Beef Tenderloin



IMG 1296

Sizzle, sizzle!



IMG 1301

Mussels, Squid, Scallops



IMG 1293

Tomato Linguine



IMG 1305

Angel Hair Aglio Olio



IMG 1307

Chicken Tomato Rice



IMG 1299

Such intense moment



Since my steak was a teensy-weensy piece only, I felt no guilt finishing most of the desserts:


IMG 1308

Truffle Cake



IMG 1310

Mixed Berries Sabayon



IMG 1312

Warm Pear Crumble



IMG 1314




IMG 1320

Thank you, Auntie Mona! :)



Stone Grill: 4 Hart Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2721 9999

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