Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carson & Mathea's Wedding Reception


He's my good friend Elisa's youngest brother.

We used to see this little boy playing around the house with no care in the world.

He is now 28 and getting married.

And I am 33 and still very single.

You beat me, Carson, you beat me.


IMG 0018

Cocktail Area



IMG 0037

Munchies and Bubbly



IMG 0036

And what a surprise… Charmaine flew in all the way from Hong Kong!



IMG 0027

The Ballroom



IMG 0026

The Cake



IMG 0047

Crystal Ball with Crabmeat, Scallop and Shrimp Roll, Pomelo with Wasabi Sauce, Jelly Fish



IMG 0051

Chicken Bamboo Pith Soup with Shark's Fin



IMG 0053

Braised Sea Cucumber, Goose Web and Homemade Tofu



IMG 0057

Pan Fried Cod Fish in Apple Sauce



IMG 0064

Raspberry Sorbet



IMG 0066

Bean Curd Scallops in Homemade Sauce, Pan Fried Beef Steak with Asparagus
in Red Wine Black Pepper Sauce, Seafood Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf



IMG 0069

Chilled Mango Pudding with Black Sesame Ice Cream



IMG 0030

My Girls



IMG 0059

Carson and Mathea. This is the closest I got to the newly weds.
Congratulations, love birds! :)



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