Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tang Gong Mongolian Bar-B-Q 唐宮蒙古烤肉 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



Tang Gong reeks of old school from the tablecloths to the chairs to the green carpet to the senior citizen waiters. But I still love coming to this place. It’s like time traveling back to the 70’s.

Plus it has the best Mongolian barbecue in Taipei.


Even the signage is so retro


I’ve been coming to this place since I was a chubby little girl.

And I plan to come every chance I get now that I’ve grown into a big fat woman.


The SOP remains the same:


1. Get a bowl. Pile it up with your choice of meat. There’s chicken, venison, pork,
mutton and beef. I go for the gamey ones – venison, mutton and beef.


2. For a balanced meal, pile lots of veggies on top of the meats.
As for me, I pile a lot of veggies to cover how much meat I got.


3. Season your bowl. I add every single thing on offer.


4. Admire your bowl. See? No meat at all! Winking smile


5. Surrender your bowl to the barbecue masters and drool as you wait


6. Wipe that drool and accept God’s delicious blessings


And most important of all…




I am a good girl who follows rules so I eat like a big, fat, burly man.


My second bowl has more meat, less veggies.


I stuff the meat into these hot sesame buns


Every bite is a bite of yum


But, of course, I do not stop there.


On the table sits this bronze instrument where I shabu-shabu more meat


Lamb, fatty bacon beef and kangkong


Plus other good things like fish ball, shrimp ball, meat ball, shrimp wonton,
cuttlefish wonton, etc. etc.


Make your own shabu-shabu sauce


We end the meal with Taiwanese desserts


My very own creation, Chinese halo-halo: green beans, ai yu, grass jelly, red beans,
taro and sweet potato balls


Hot grass jelly. Drink it fast while hot or it becomes warm grass jelly blob.


My cousin busy busy playing. I busy busy eating.


Very proud to announce I beat my own record again.


Tang Gong Mongolian Bar-B-Q 唐宮蒙古烤肉: 台北市松江路283號2樓. 2/F, No. 283 Song Jiang Road, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +8862-2502-6762

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