Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Qiu Ji Yakitori 秋吉串燒 ♥ ♥ ♥



Some of the best yakitori meals I’ve had are in small Taipei restaurants like this.


The yakitori bar


The yakitori chef


The yakitori appetizers. I eat these nonstop throughout the meal.


My 5 favorite sticks:


1. Chicken Ass – tender and fattylicious. I don’t mind clogging my arteries with
these precious baby butts.


2. Chicken Skin – crunchy, crispy and very, very tasty


3. Pork Liver – rich, sweet and pasty in a very yummy way


4. Chicken Gizzard – chewy and bitey. Delicious exercise for my jaw.


5. Mushrooms – because I still have to be a little healthy, right?


Other sticks:




Chicken Fillet


Bacon Shrimp Roll


Chicken Asparagus Roll


Beef Fillet with Scallions


I pair all the sticks with these Grilled Rice Dumplings which I grab with my bare hands
and stuff in my big mouth


Look at all the good things inside – sesame seeds, nori flakes and very tiny fishies...
So much texture, so much flavor.


Sago in Coconut Milk


Green Bean Soup


I smell as delicious as the yakitori after the meal.


Qiu Ji Yakitori 秋吉串燒: 台北市林森北路502號. No 502 Lin Shen North Road, Taipei, Taiwan.
Tel: +8862-2541-7977

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