Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dennis!


hi there, jin.

um i need a huge huge favor to ask of you, please say YES. hehe. my friend’s birthday is almost coming up. and well, he is your biggest fan i think, like he has been to almost every restaurant that you recommended here and abroad. yes, he really has high regard for your taste. if you say it’s good, then he thinks it must be good and is worth a try hehe. like just a few weeks ago we had dinner at champetre, cause i think you mentioned that in your blog? then just last week he was in HK and ate at Lei Garden and etc, cause you reco those places. hehe. so anyway, i was hoping you could take a picture of yourself holding a paper that reads "Happy Birthday Dennis! xoxo, Jin" something like that.. you could add whatever words pa you like to throw in there hehe. maybe nice touch too, just in case you eat at a place that has cake with a candle, maybe you could take your pic with that cake, so feeling niya talaga it’s his special bday greeting from you.. hehe. but of course, only if it’s ok :) if it’s too much of a hassle, then it’s ok, never mind. thanks a bunch for taking time to read this "fan mail request!" :)



And because you’re such a loyal reader, and because you have such a sweet and thoughtful friend like B…

Today, November 8, 2011, I celebrate with you by gobbling down a whole box of my favorite UCC Tiramisu and I’ll wash it all down with a rich, nutty and buttery cup of Ichiban Blend.

Please do the same.


Wishing you a lifetime of delicious eats! Birthday cake

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