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La Regalade ♥ ♥



Published on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section, October 2, 2011


La Regalade’s Chef de Terry

I still dream about the Mixed Mushroom Tartine at La Regalade.

I think about it more than I think about men. Not that I think about men a lot. Really, I don’t. But anyways…

Isn’t it amazing how simple dishes made with love and care can make a whole world of difference in our lives? It is actually just a bunch of mushrooms on top of a toast, but at La Regalade, Chef Luis de Terry (yes, the hunkababe is now running the show!) prepared it with so much TLC that the “bunch of mushrooms on top of a toast” tasted like supernatural earthy beings on the crustiest, chewiest bed of dough. As I devoured my piece slowly, taking in every flavor, every texture, I imagined Chef Luis spreading grain mustard over the grilled sourdough ever so gently, carefully piling on pieces of cepes, oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms and shiitake, perhaps even singing to it as he blanketed the shrooms with generous shavings of Grana Padano, then finishing it off with drizzles of a beautiful balsamic cream that was rich, tangy and sexy. I imagined he would also be smiling at it a lot, and occasionally, when no one else is looking, plant sweet little butterfly kisses on the tartine. Ayayay… no wonder so delicious!


Mixed Mushroom Tartine


The Kesong Puti and Tomato Tartine had layers of sautéed tomato slices, grated farmhouse kesong puti, oregano pistou, and topped with micro arugula and Italian prosciutto. FYI, Chef Luis melted the kesong puti before adding all that. I know you know just how lethal melted cheese can be.


Kesong Puti and Tomato Tartine


Even the side of French Fries was done with love. He fried the hand-cut potatoes once, twice, and thrice to form that perfect crisp crust and yet retain the soft starchy innards. At the last fry he tossed the spuds with kosher salt, parsley and Pimentón de la Vera Picante to keep things colorful and exciting.


French Fries


He treated those French snails with much adulation. Both Escargots a la Bourguignonne and Escargots al'Harissa were plump, juicy and full of flavor. The indecent way I attacked that last piece of bread – nibbling, biting, dipping, double-dipping, swallowing – I blame it all on the delicious suckers. And wait till I tell you about the mussels and clams. The shellfishes were so fresh and the stock so tasty I did a lot of shameless, outrageous licking and sucking on my palms and fingers. But you must excuse me. Enjoyment of excellent food has to be pornographic.






Baby Clams


We had a few salads before we the mains. The Caesar Salad came with Jambon de Pays and oven-crisped Salchichón Ibérico dressed in La Regalade’s very own anchovy dressing, the Salade Paysanne a bed of mixed greens topped with bacon lardons, poached organic egg and tossed in a walnut-dijon dressing.


Caesar Salad


Salade Paysanne


Patrick breaking the egg, and Mannix getting very eggcited. Hihihi! Smile with tongue out


Nicoise Salad


Everyone started raving about the Duck Confit so I knew even before my first bite that Chef Luis had perfected the two elements that make the perfect “duck cooked in duck fat” dish – the crispy tasty skin, and the tender tasty meat. He thoughtfully paired it with a dijon and pommery mustard sauce to cut through all that fatty goodness. Oh help me God.


Duck Confit


I liked how simple and honest the Citrus Sole Meuniere tasted with some orange juice, lemon juice, cider vinegar, a good sprinkling of toasted almonds and parsley with just a bit of butter (okay, maybe lots and lots of butter but still!)


Citrus Sole Meuniere


The Beef Bourguignon was tasty, although I thought it could use just a little more time on the stove.


Beef Bourguignon


Chef Chris enjoying the side of pasta


My favorite entrée was the Spice Roasted Lamb Shank rubbed with ginger, garlic, honey, bird-eye chili, cilantro, coriander and cumin, and then poured over with honeyed vinegar with mint just seconds before serving. It was fall-off-the-bone tender I almost fell off my chair. Aye, the things Chef Luis’ love could do to me.


Spice Roasted Lamb Shank


Desserts were Strawberry Apple Pudding and Gingered Chocolate Mousse in Pistachio Tuille. I believe even without saying, you must already know which one I liked best.


Strawberry Apple Pudding


Gingered Chocolate Mousse in Pistachio Tuille


I washed all the sweets down with this cup of coffee


Of course, Auntie Babyruth had take home goodies for all of us – my favorite
Little Miss OC’s Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pink Himalayan Salt.
WEEEEEE!!!!!!! It’s the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, I tell you.


And because I am the luckiest one, I get this one and only bag of Reese’s Toblerone cookies homemade by Patrick himself. Each baby is a bundle of pure peanut butter joy.


The food and camera whores



La Regalade is located at 820 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila. For reservations, please call (02) 750-2104.

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