Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today is FaMEALy Day!


Famealy Day today


Published on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section, September 25, 2011


September 26 is FaMEALy Day!

It is my parents' fault.

Why I am so big and healthy and round like this, I blame it all on Mom and Dad.

I don’t know what Dad fed Mom the nine months she was pregnant, but when she delivered her first born child some 30+ years ago, the baby girl was 8 pounds of joy and pudginess.

The cute little spheroid that I was grew up eating quality and quantity, accumulating more mass on my body until I’ve become what I am today – a humongous balloon (hot air, to be specific), like spheroid on steroids. I try to eat more quality than quantity nowadays, but sometimes, especially when it comes to chocolates, I lose all control.

I guess by now you know how my family loves to eat. We worship food. Meals are sacred to us. We do not wait for occasions to dine out. We create occasions to pig out.

And we love The Powerplant at Rockwell. All our Sundays are spent in that mall. We watch a few movies then we have dinner. Here are the restaurants we usually go to:

Kuretake. Because our family is a family of sashimi freaks. Uni, hamachi, salmon belly, amaebi… and sometimes, if we get lucky, we see toro on the specials. After we devour all the fresh and raw and healthy pieces will be plates and plates of my favorite Beef Usuyaki, and bowls and bowls of Beef Sukiyaki. Mom would always order Agedashi Tofu and Unaju. Sometimes we’ll have Ebi Tempura, too. I have a friend who always orders these deep fried baby shrimps that you eat without having to peel. Good stuff, I tell you. Kuretake’s congee dishes are also delicious. 


Kuretake’s Salmon Belly Sashimi


Kuretake’s Uni Sashimi


Kulinarya. We’ll warm our tummies with Cream of Squash (Mom says it’s good for men), then whet our appetites with the sweet and tangy Harvest Salad and smoked salmon-laden Gravlax Salad before feasting on pizzas, pastas and, of course, meats. Our usual suspects are the tasty and just a tad spicy Italian Sausage Pizza, the heart-stopping Aligue Herb Pasta (at least when I do the ordering), and Herb-Crusted Lamb Chops. Food in Kulinarya is always reliable.


Kulinarya's Harvest SaladKulinarya’s Harvest Salad


Kulinarya's Aligue PastaKulinarya’s Aligue Pasta


Mamou Too! So happy to know it’s finally here! When you’re in Rockwell and you feel like attacking some manly steaks (warning: they swim in drippings, not for sissies!), this is THE place to go. Pair the meat with Mario Bottarga Al Olio and Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream pastas. It’s the only way to go.


Mamou's Dry Aged USDA Prime Grade RibeyeMamou’s Dry Aged USDA Prime Grade Ribeye


Mamou's Mario Bottarga Al OlioMamou’s Mario Bottarga Al Olio


UCC. I cannot even begin to tell you how much our family loves this place. The menu is extensive and very creative. Who would imagine unagi on spaghetti, and spaghetti in soup? But I promise you, everything works. Family favorites are Seafood Curry with Rice, Chicken Teriyaki and Eggplant Sandwich, Fried Chicken Omurice, Seafood Risotto, Chocolate French Toast among many others. My favorites are Chicken Longanisa for breakfast, Seafood Salad for appetizer, Tiramisu for main course, and Tiramisu again for dessert. I’m head over heels in love with the cake. I cannot live without the Sumiyaki Coffee.


UCC Tiramisu


UCC Sumiyaki Coffee


UCC, I surrender to you.


All restaurants are located in The Power Plant Mall Complex, Rockwell Drive corner Estrella Street, Makati City. Kuretake is at the ground level, call 898-0509 to let the sushi chef know you’re coming. Kulinarya is located at the basement level, call 898-1738 to reserve. Mamou, Too! is located at Level R1, Lopez Drive, call 822-6218 early to book a table, it’s always, always, ALWAYS full! UCC is located just a street away, call 403-0123 and treat your family to a whole box of tiramisu, because they deserve it.

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