Sunday, August 14, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, July 18-24, 2011


You know I’m not the type of girl who would stop and talk to cute guys on the streets.

But a few Sundays ago I spotted these 2 boys in Greenbelt.

They look like rich, spoiled, happy-go-lucky kids, the kind that I’ve sworn off for the rest of my life.

BUT you have to admit, they are Just. Too. Handsome. To. Resist.



Hey good-looking fellas! COME TO MAMA!!!


I asked the dog yaya to hold them still so I could take a few photos


Next thing I know, the whole Greenbelt turned into one big paparazzi


July 18, 10:46am

Pomelo, mango, dragon fruit, banana, saba


July 19, 9:57am

Peewee Morato’s Paella Mixta and Paella Negra, French beans with mushrooms, bangus belly


July 20, 1:01pm

Steamed red lapu-lapu, Chinese sausage vegetable fried rice, teriyaki mushrooms

Red dragon fruit, pomelo, banana, papaya, apple, pear, avocado, cherries


July 21, 7:31pm

Lychees, longan, banana, avocado, papaya, apple, pear, pomelo, red dragon fruit


July 22, 10:09am

Bamboo shoots, steamed fish, green onion egg pancake, mushrooms and asparagus

White cherries, lychee, longan, peach, red dragon fruit, mango, banana


July 23, 7:51am

Hungarian sausage and bacon omelet pandesal

Pear, apple, peach, red dragon fruit, mango, pomelo, saba


July 24, 7:32am

Crabmeat omelet, sautéed spinach

Pear, red dragon fruit, pomelo

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