Friday, August 19, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, August 8-15, 2011


My little friend TVBuddy is feeling lonely today


So I feed him an uni sushi.
Because there is nothing in this world a Japanese treat couldn’t fix.




August 8, 12:52pm

Sweet beans, boiled spinach, buttered mushrooms, braised fish fillet


August 9, 11:30am

Peach, pear, papaya, mango, red and white cherries, kiwi, red dragon fruit


August 10, 12:53pm

Braised pork, tong ho vegetables, green onion pancake, shredded hearts of palm, mushroom

Red dragon fruit, longan, pear, kiwi, red and white cherries


August 11, 12:33pm

Pan fried salmon, salmon fried rice, broccoli and mushrooms

Red dragon fruit, kiwi, guava, pear, pomelo, melon


August 12, 12:22pm

Dry chicken tinola, cabbage, bokchoy, tong ho vegetables, mushrooms, fish

Red and white dragon fruit, pear, guava, kiwi, pomelo


August 13, 8:34am

Whole wheat spaghetti with shrimps tossed in olive oil and lots of garlic

Pomelo, kiwi, guava, red dragon fruit


August 14, 10:38am

White and red dragon fruit, kiwi, guava, pear, pomelo


August 15, 1:40pm

Beef tapa, green beans and portobello, aligue rice topped with scrambled egg strips

Red and white dragon fruit, guava, pomelo, banana

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