Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cerveseria ♥ ♥


cerveseria greenbelt


I think Cerveseria looks gothic-ish kinda cool. The dark interiors, wood carvings and drippy white chandeliers give me the feeling that I am in a very dangerous, very exciting place. That suddenly a very handsome and sexy Count Dracula will appear from nowhere and stand right in front of me, his eyes boring into mine, looking deep into my soul, and then slowly, slowly he’ll bring down his gaze to that soft, sweet spot on my neck…


cerveseria greenbelt


I jolt back to reality with the sound of my mom’s voice, “This place looks like a haunted house! Is it even clean in here???”


Plates and utensils are kept in this space under the table. I think it’s brilliant.
Mom thinks it’s unsanitary.


So she soaks our utensils in hot water. She’s OC like that.


Warm bread with olive oil and salt – very soft and tasty


Mixed Mushrooms – shitake and shimeji mushrooms sautéed with lots of garlic
and a hint of vinegar. Love the twist.


Paella Cerveseria – yummy with generous servings of bacon, chorizo, chicken, shrimps,
squid and soft shell crab. Probably the only paella I’ve tried that has more toppings than rice.


Cochinillo 1/6 – the server tells us this size is good for 4. What? 4 dwarves?!?
We refuse to wait another 40 minutes for additional order of the roasted suckling pig
so we just make do with the little meat. And the meat turns out to be dry and tough,
plus it’s starting to have that funky pork smell. Quite a disappointment at P980.


Canonigo – and the dessert saves the meal. Fluffy meringue covered in custard sauce
and caramel. Every spoonful is a spoonful of love.


Jamie, Me, Dad and Mom.


Cerveseria: G/F, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Tel: +632-757-4791

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