Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tourné by Chef Sandralyn ♥


tourne by chef sandralyn


I’ve been eyeing the newly opened restaurant Tourne for my dad’s birthday dinner and been wanting to try out the food before the big day. Next thing I know, Leslie sends me and Fran a link to a 50% discount coupon at one of those groupon sites (thank you, Jesus, for giving me many opportunities to eat double the quantity for the price of one!) with a note asking who is buying dinner next.

I am!!! I am!!! I love a good deal. I buy 3 vouchers right away, just to find out later that only one voucher can be used when dining in 2’s or 3’s. I guess I’ll just have to come back a few more times.

Dining with the two girls is always fun, fun, fun.

They know the rules.

Shoot first, eat later. Right, Leslie? Smile


No one is allowed to touch the food until everyone is satisfied with her shots


Fran: I’m hungry. Can we eat already???


Of course, she has to take a picture of the chefs, too.
Leslie has lost 34 lbs. since our dinner at Myron’s. I so envy her discipline…
and her sexy back. Naks!Winking smile


While Leslie discusses with Chef Sandra her food restrictions,
Fran and I act oblivious to all the diet talk and attack these yummy tofu chips.


California Inspire Salad – my salad of strawberries, jicama and greens tossed in fruity vinaigrette is sweet and refreshing


Tourne House Salad – Fran’s plate of crusted goat cheese, mixed greens, candied Bicol
pili nuts, pickled sweet onions and cherry tomatoes in honey and balsamic vinaigrette
is not bad either.


Chicken Fajita Pizza – thin and crisp crust topped with cilantro coulis, roasted Baguio
bell peppers, kesong puti, and a strand of hair. Eeeep!


Spiced Chicken Breast with Orange Rice Pilaf – I like how the chicken is seasoned,
but do not care for the dry and tough meat. Chef Sandra says this is because she uses
free range chickens. I say next time I’ll have dark meat instead.


Pili Encrusted Tilapia – Fran lets me try a portion of her food. I like the mashed potato 
more than the fish.


Southern Airline Chicken – Leslie skips the cornbread stuffing and is left with a small,
tough and dry chicken breast.


Even before we finish our mains, Leslie and Fran are already suggesting other restaurant options for my dad’s birthday celebration. So far, our meal has been quite forgettable.


That is, until our first bite of Tourne’s desserts.


Pineapple Cloud – yes, it is this little piece of pound cake filled with the sweetest Ormoc pineapple bits and covered with my favorite Chantilly cream, it is this little innocent-looking angel that makes me decide to have my dad’s party here at Tourne.
The power cake + cream have over me. Tsk.


Pili Pie – and if the pineapple cloud cake is an angel, then this superdelicious
pili pie is the devil himself. Sinful, luscious, and dangerously addicting.
I cannot decide which of the two desserts I love best.


Because Leslie can only have certain fruits for dessert, Chef Sandra prepares for her 
this mango platter which I happily take advantage of. Isn’t life sweet.


Tourne’s special blend pressed coffee from the mountains of Cordillera and Benguet


Leslie, Me and Fran


Yummy matcha milk candies. I love it when friends who are on strict diets give away
their stash. Thank you, Leslie! Please stick to your diet forever and ever! Smile with tongue out


Tourné by Chef Sandralyn: Unit 5 & 6, The Fort Strip, 7th Avenue corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. Tel: +632-555-0267.

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