Friday, April 29, 2011

Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood ♥ ♥


We all know what men do on boys nights out. They drink beer, ride a Pegasus and have a good time with their Classmates in Quezon Avenue.

There’s always a happy ending.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ever wonder what goes on during girls night out?


IMG_1812What do these 3 passionate, sexylicious women do when they get together on a Wednesday evening, the big ladies night?




I know I promised to eat salad only, having just arrived from a 12-day Hong Kong eating trip that morning carrying a total of about 10 inches unwanted extension on my face, arms, belly and various body parts, but I am defenseless against the “crusty on the outside, tender on the inside, swimming in its juices, sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt” description of “The President” on the menu.

Leslie of Shoot First, Eat Later shows me some moral support by giving the steak a big thumbs up, and Fran of Franny Wanny agrees to share the calories with me. I am so loving my blogger friends!


Medium well is Fran’s. Medium is mine.

Actually, I asked for medium rare, but oh well, I guess I’m getting medium tonight. And boy oh boy, the menu doesn’t lie. My steak tastes like everything the menu promised it would be. I try my very best to go slower, but still I finish my share a whole 10 minutes ahead of Fran.


We also share a bowl of Prawn Bisque which I find pretty okay


and a cup of Myron’s Rice which I find very disappointing.


Creamed Spinach, Fran’s favorite


Leslie, being the most disciplined among us, orders lean steak and vegetables. Except that the meat is a bit overdone, she is quite happy with her healthy plate.


I end the meal with a cup of frothy Mocha Java


Thanks for dinner, Les! Next one’s on me. Smile


Fran and Leslie and our idea of a fun girls night out. It’s a happy, happy ending!


Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood: Ground Floor, The Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-728-9898, +632-728-5555

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