Saturday, July 9, 2011

Steak Dinner at Chris and Eileen’s



I don’t know just how many companies this lady handles, but if Manila were a giant beehive, my high school friend Eileen will be the busiest bee.

And I, jinlovestoeat, will be the big fat bear who devours all the honey.

Honnneeeeeeyyyyyyyyy….. yuummmmmmmyyyyy…..


I wanted to take a photo of the Ramon Antonio dining room,
but these people got there first and mighty-bonded their arses on the dining chairs.
Oh wells. Next time I’ll take lessons so I can photoshop them out. Ha! Smile with tongue out


Crispy fried porkies


We stuff the sweet porkiness into these flaky sesame pockets


“GRABE, ANG SARRRAAAPPP!!!!!” Eileen’s husband Chris says with so much feelings and passion that for a second there I thought he actually came in his pants! Sick smileAnd whether or not Chris is just sucking up because he’s done something wrong (because guys do that, you know), the mushroom-loaded linguine is indeed delicious. When manang is clearing our plates already, I am still attacking the pasta bowl for seconds.


“My ninang buys the beef from a friend. When she orders, I order with her, too.”
And that is the only info Eileen is willing to disclose about this uber tender, melt-in-your-mouth steak. And I totally respect that, because if it were me, I’d be too greedy to even share the meat with my guests! Ha! Smile with tongue out




For dessert, I bring my favorite UCC Tiramisu, which we enjoy with hazelnut-flavored
coffee from Benguet.


Good food, old friends, and off-the-record conversations you’d really rather not know about... May all our Friday nights be filled with these.

Thank you for having us, Chris and Eileen! Smile


Sherylou, Eileen, Chris
Marj, Me, Sheryl

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