Monday, July 25, 2011

Casa Armas, Revisited ♥ ♥


casa armas


Whenever my Taipei and Vancouver-based cousins Cherry and Johnny come to visit, their first request is always Filipino food, and then Spanish food.

We have both today.

I know, I know. They will be staying for almost two weeks, but they just couldn’t wait.

Okay, fine. It’s me who couldn’t wait. Hehehe. Smile with tongue out

So exactly four hours after our late lunch feast of crispy pata, squid tactics, laing and bowls and bowls of garlic rice at Bistro Remedios, we find ourselves at Casa Armas, pigging out again on pork and rice.

But first, some tapas.


Salpicao – succulent beef tenderloin cubes in olive oil and garlic. Love the garlic bits.


Calamares a la plancha con alioli – grilled squid with creamy alioli and calamansi.
Danny’s favorite!


Chorizo Frito – delectable Spanish sausage fried in olive oil


Croquetas de Jamon – creamy ham croquettes. These are really yummy.


And then, The Pig.

casa armasCochinillo al horno a la Castellana, half portion


The lady chops it up with a plate. So brutal!


Oh, you poor, delicious piggy!


Paella Negra.
Damn you, little clam, for poisoning me.


Now that’s a Les Roches graduate and Director and Co-Founder at Enderun.
Gracias por la cena deliciosa, Danny! Smile
(Oh he is so gonna kill me for posting this pic)


Many of the wines we wanted are unavailable so we end up with this bottle.
Solar De Carrión Rioja


Flan al Carmelo – caramel custard. Leche flan on steroids.


Pijama – custard, peaches, vanilla ice cream


Yes to the food.

No to the poisoning.


Me, Danny, Jill, Cherry, Johnny


Read about my previous Casa Armas experience here.

Casa Armas: 573 J. Nakpil Street corner J. Bocobo Street, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-523-5763, +632-523-0189

Few branches around Metro Manila, but the Malate one is my favorite.

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