Friday, August 27, 2010

Bistro Remedios ♥ ♥ ♥


Every time a balikbayan cousin visits, a trip to Bistro Remedios is always in order. 




There are newer and more popular Filipino restaurants from the same LJC group, like Lorenzo’s Way and Fely J’s in Greenbelt, and Abe in Serendra, Trinoma and MOA.

But Bistro Remedios remains my #1 favorite.


My 3 non-negotiables, always-must-have items are:


IMG_5868 1. Knockout Knuckle – aka Crispy Pata Bawang, a whole leg of pork deep fried in garlic and chilies. Its skin is crackly-crunchy, its meat tender and tasty, with nary a hint of grease. This is the kind of dish you will risk clogging your arteries for. It is Manila’s very best.


IMG_5870 2. Laing – taro leaves simmered in spicy coconut cream. Do not worry, it is more creamy than spicy. A hint of sweetness even. The best I’ve ever had.


IMG_5876  3. Garlic Rice – one bowl is not enough


Tonight we order just a few more dishes.

IMG_5851 Chicharon Bisaya – fried crispy skinless pork fat


IMG_5862  Sinuam na Mais – fresh young corn soup with shrimp and chili leaves


IMG_5865 Sinigang na Tapi ng Bangus – boneless bangus belly in tamarind flavored broth with vegetables


IMG_5866 Sugpo sa Aligue – prawns simmered in tiny crab fat and lemon 


IMG_5872 Kare-kareng Buntot Baka – oxtail stewed in peanut sauce with assorted vegetables


IMG_5873 Crispy Tadyang – marinated beef ribs deep fried to a delicious crispiness. Widely copied but in vain.


IMG_2011    Binukadkad na Crispy Pla Pla – butterflied fried pla pla fish served with balo balo and mustard leaves


As usual, we’ve gone wild and ordered way too much. Oooops.

Guess who obediently finishes all the food?

FYI, I am giving, not stealing from Alex’s plate


IMG_5879 Minatamis na Saging – sweetened banana saba


IMG_5881 Mango Jubilee – vanilla ice cream topped with flambéed banana balls. The perfect ending.


IMG_5878I love listening to them sing. My favorite requests: Quando, Quando, Quando and Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin (I am such a cornball!)


IMG_5890We go for drinks at the Diamond Hotel. Sucking our guts in and trying desperately not to show. Donna, Nikko, Ritchie, Chiz, Me, Frances


Bistro Remedios: 1911 M. Adriatico Street, Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-523-9153

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