Monday, June 13, 2011

Shawarma Snack Center ♥ ♥


We are supposed to be feasting on free taste samples at the Thai Food Expo. But we arrived late and the doors closed on us. Suddenly we are stuck in Manila with no game plan.

I scan my brain for places to eat and the image of ox brain pops up in my head. Right away I know where I want to go.

Shawarma Snack Center.

I am gonna get that “creamy scrambled egg that tastes like penoy” ox brain dish Chinkee raves about in her post.


Shawarma Snack Center is one place you can’t miss. It has an outlet on each side of the road.


The newer (and bigger and brighter) outlet has TV, free wifi, and shisha pipes for sale


We order a pot of Milk Tea to share. It is just okay. I like a stronger brew.


For starters, we have this plate of assorted dips. There’s motabal, hummus and some really sour yogurt dip served with pickled cucumbers and 3 falafels. The falafels taste old and dry, but the dips are delicious whether eaten individually or mixed together.
I love to mix all three together.


We use these flatbreads to wipe clean the dips


The Sizzling Goat is so gamey to a point it’s pungent. While most people shy away from the very strong smell (you sissies, you), I, on the other hand, crave for it, more especially when the meat is as tender as this. I know I am going to order this again.


The chicken could be juicier but the biryani is perfect. Soft and fluffy and very well-seasoned, the biryani alone can make for a meal. A good meal at that.


Unfortunately, the side salad does not agree with me


Spending Saturday night with my folks


So I am not able to try the ox brain this time. The parents do not eat oxen and I am too chicken to order a whole plate to myself.

But I still want to try it.


Who wants to come and share a plate of ox brains with me?


Shawarma Snack Center: 45 Salas Street corner Mabini Street, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-525-4541

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