Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scandinavia Trip Day 11: Helsinki Airport


You see, I didn’t eat much for breakfast this morning, because when my heart is sad, my stomach is sad. And it is sad because today, after 11 blissful days in northern Europe, we are finally flying back to Manila. (And not making a stopover in Bangkok! @#$%*!!!!!)


IMG_4863We arrive Helsinki Airport


IMG_4864The 3 Fayes (and their stomachs) are sad, too


IMG_4867We check in


IMG_4871And we do some last minute shopping


I love that there are quite a few dining (and drinking) options at the airport.


IMG_4873“Wine & View” wine bar overlooking the runway. Ooohhh.


IMG_4874Café with totally different themes every square meter (pink chairs, silver chairs, red chairs, beige chairs, pink lamps, black lamps, cream lamps, spotlights… you get the point)


IMG_4880Another wine bar


IMG_4879And a food store with tables and tables of pastries!


IMG_4883My last hurrah Open-mouthed smile


IMG_4885Because love is messy


Please, I don’t want to leave.

Can I stay?


I promise I’ll be a very good moose Smile with tongue out

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