Sunday, June 26, 2011

Charlie’s Grind & Grill ♥


charlie's grind and grill


Sometimes we girls just want a good ol’ burger. Just honest to goodness burger with no frills, no fandangle, no doodads.


Felisse, Frances, Me, Archie, Nikko, Florence, Alexi
(Ooops, there’s testosterone in the house)


I guess Charlie’s is not really the best place for it.


Black Angus with Shrooms Burger
Yes, the patty is pretty tasty but it also crumbles into pieces at the slightest pressure.
The cheese-stuffed fried portobello is good. The bun, however, is quite disappointing.


Black Angus Burger
See above comment on patty and bun


Black Angus Cheesesteak
I think the kitchen staff forgot to season the beef. It is desperately lacking in flavor
and the bread is soaking in oil.


Gourmet Chicken Burger 
It’s chicken. How exciting can it be?


The cousins dress their burgers with these condiments.
I am a purist when it comes to my burger. But I like a lot of ketchup on my fries.


Cerveza Negra Fish and Chips 
A whole dory covered in light and crispy batter


Buffalo Chicken Wings 
Just the right amount of heat to keep things exciting. I actually like the wings more than
the burgers.


Black Truffle Fries with Chicken Liver
Why name it Black Truffle Fries when there isn’t even the faintest hint of truffle?
Why not just “Very Ordinary Fries with Chicken Liver?”


Key Lime Pie
I’m sorry, but this tastes like the Seven Seas brand Cod Liver Oil & Orange Syrup
I used to drink as a child. With whipped cream on top.


Charlie’s got a whole chiller of imported beers


We order one bottle for the whole table to share. Haha!
Obviously, we are not beer drinkers, but this bottle is just too nice not to buy.


248791_10150194619447293_718632292_7160366_684402_nWe are Happy Lemon drinkers.
After Charlie’s, we go to the Promenade for some Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese lovin’.
We all have double shots of rock salt and cheese. YUM!


252070_10150194620602293_718632292_7160388_1837761_nAs usual, I finish the whole cup before everyone else finishes half of theirs


Then we watch Fast Five for the second time. I have a very major thing for Vin Diesel.


Charlie’s Grind & Grill: RONAC Building, Ortigas Avenue corner Santolan, San Juan, Philippines

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