Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scandinavia Trip Day 5, Part 2: Geilo, Oslo


Continued from Scandinavia Trip Day 5, Part 1: Flam, Geilo


IMG_3490_thumbLunch is at Sofia’s Cafe and Bar at the Bardola Hotel


Buffet spread:

IMG_3492_thumb1 IMG_3497_thumb
                          Breads and butter                                                  Antipasti and salad station


IMG_3494_thumb2 IMG_3498_thumb
                               Cured meats                                                           Salmon, salmon, salmon


IMG_3500_thumb IMG_3501_thumb1 
               Steak, salmon, potatoes, pasta                                        Vegetables, rice, pork


IMG_3509_thumb IMG_3511_thumb
                                    Cheeses                                                                               Desserts


My plates:

IMG_3504_thumbCouscous salad topped with everything interesting I see on the buffet spread


IMG_3506_thumbBeef tenderloin, pasta in cream sauce, buttered vegetables


IMG_3513_thumbMousse cake, flan, assorted cheeses, canned peach.
I have a secret love affair with canned peaches.


After lunch we get on the bus for the 4-hour drive to Oslo.


I wake up just in time to take some snapshots of a few buildings before we arrive at the dinner venue. Sorry, our tour guide is out so I can’t identify any of the buildings.








IMG_3528_thumbAHA!!! I got this one! Hotel Bristol!


IMG_3525_thumbI wish we had free time so I could watch this show


IMG_3541_thumbDinner is at Kaffistova. The place is designed like a modern cafeteria.
The food is like high school cafeteria.


IMG_3534_thumb IMG_3536_thumb
                  Mountain of stale bread                                                     Some canned soup


IMG_3538_thumb1 IMG_3544_thumb
                        Sweet chili chicken                                                      Strawberry mousse


After dinner, we check in at First Millennium Hotel, leave our bags in our rooms, and explore the city on our own.


226645_10150172568804570_510889569_6[2]Jump shot in front of the City Hall. This is my first ever jump shot and I totally nailed it! Sorry, but I am SO VERY PROUD. Wee!!! Open-mouthed smile


228465_10150172569819570_510889569_6[2]City Hall from another angle


226755_10150172569169570_510889569_6[2]Nobel Peace Center. I want to win a Nobel Peace Prize!


IMG_3570_thumbBoat harbor at Aker Brygge


IMG_3577_thumbMore of the harbor


IMG_3580_thumbThe harbor again


IMG_3568_thumbAker Brygge shopping center


IMG_3586_thumbRestaurant and bar row. It can be quite romantic in the evenings.


IMG_3585_thumbButi pa ang cast iron, may ka-date… Smile with tongue out

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