Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fretheim Hotel ♥ ♥ ♥


226548_10150170837939570_510889569_6573568_2642499_nRemember when I said how heartstoppingly breathtaking Flam is?


224655_10150170837804570_510889569_6573565_964535_nWell, Fretheim Hotel is a hotel to match


228402_10150170832764570_510889569_6573443_50977_nWith majestic mountains as backdrop and the magnificent views of the Sognefjord fronting it, Fretheim Hotel is a destination in its own right 


230692_10150166309542293_718632292_6927808_2880294_nA warm and inviting open fire welcomes the freezing guests


View from the lobby


Old carriage


222817_10150166309622293_718632292_6927810_4610889_nComputer stations. There’s free wifi, too, but it doesn’t work in the rooms.


I say when you come to Fretheim, stay in the old wing. It is more rustic, charming, and much, much prettier (it also hurts your wallet much, much more.)

The new wing, where we stay, is just like any other hotel. It’s basic, functional and quite ordinary.


New wing hallway


New wing Standard Room


Toilet and bath


New wing Suite


Dining table and sitting area


222302_10150170831024570_510889569_6573397_2172848_nUncle Frank enjoying a cup of coffee in the suite’s balcony


View from the balcony


Suite toilet and bath


Each floor connects to this central part of the hotel. The high ceiling, warms colors and natural lighting make it a perfect place to just chillax.


Love the open space concept


The Conscious Kitchen occupies the 2nd level. This is where we had dinner last night,
and also where we will have breakfast tomorrow morning.


229757_10150166302247293_718632292_6927710_7143281_n (1)Hello, Felisse! Hello, Uncle Frank!


225542_10150170830909570_510889569_6573393_1016712_nGlass, glass, glass


View, view, view


Christine, the hotel’s very warm and accommodating front desk officer (and tour guide and concierge and cashier, and I see her waitressing at dinnertime, too!) takes us on a tour of the hotel’s old wing and library.


Tour of the library:

Books and iMac


Green couch, furry pillows, wooden chairs and hearts on the wall


224782_10150166304077293_718632292_6927748_4382616_nCrib for adults and warm, fuzzy blanket


Host and hostess of Fretheim Hotel, Jan Fredrik Hagen and Birgittha Sandström


Pretty porcelain (or is that ceramic?)


Dining area


Afternoon tea nook


Library and vintage sewing machine


                           Old cash register?                                               Umm… Reading sleigh? Hehe


It’s kinda weird to watch two tall macho men walk up the dainty steps


Dainty steps


Flowers in the attic Smile


Tour of the old wing:

227117_10150166303222293_718632292_6927731_4185384_nLove the display along the corridor


Old luggage, old chair


Room 356: Berekvam


222712_10150166310397293_718632292_6927824_3072004_nOld school chest and old school radio


Toilet and bath. Wooden cover and gold fixtures. Ooohh.


It’s all in the details


225737_10150166310857293_718632292_6927830_3233200_nRoom 358: Kardal


Black is beautiful


Chic toilet and bath


Thank you, Christine, for being so wonderful!


A bible of thank you notes from people around the world. And it’s really no surprise.


Fretheim Hotel: Pb 63, 5743 Flåm, Norway. Tel: 57 63 63 00

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