Sunday, April 10, 2011

Taipei International Flora Expo


Today we wake up unusually early to go to the Flora Expo.


But first, we grab something to eat at Ching Guang Market 晴光市場


My power breakfast: spring onion pancake with egg, fried meat buns and hot milk tea


Flora Expo ticket counter


My cousin and tour guide Cherry, Dad, Me, and some random couple


Five million four hundred fifty eight thousand seven hundred sixty four visitors as of
March 3, 2011. Whew.


Even the first aid sign is all hearts and flowers


Wall of flowers


Sea of flowers


They’re so pretty, pretty, pretty.










My favorites are:

                          Butterfly Orchids                                                                     Calla Lily


Auntie Babie and Uncle Frankie, hihihi!


That’s my cousin Frances and her funny pose


Uncle Frank at the Xi’an Courtyard


Grass boys playing Chinese chess in the Shanghai Neighborhood


Chinese garden


Dad taking a photo of me on the bridge


Tropical plants in Malaysia


Dolphins in Hong Kong


Flamingos, Frances and I in Hawaii


Canoe and rainbow in Palau


Little lambs in Hungary


Church in the Philippines
(I think ours is the best, don’t you?)


I see people eating




And eating


So I have to get myself something to eat, too


Glutinous rice dumpling or machang


                              Meatball soup                                                                   Fish ball soup


                                       Oil rice                                                                      Fried shrimp roll


                                Roast chicken                                                                         Tea egg


                             Spicy stinky tofu                                                          Steamed radish cake


Almond tea


Frances, Dad, Auntie Babie, Uncle Frank


Other interesting sights at the expo:

EcoARK. Guess what it’s made of.


Plastic bottles!


Another smart way of using plastic bottles


A wall made of recycled materials


That’s the majestic Grand Hotel at the very back


Portable toilets


Bug car


Insects parade


Some really dirty-looking man


Taiwan flags


Electric car. This is the future.


Having tea under a tree


Grass Willy


Grass whale


Grass caterpillar


Starbucks shop with flower on top


We wish you a Starbucks Christmas, we wish you a Starbucks Christmas…


Excuse me, why are you girls not in school?


Very nice pose, kiddo!


Couples come here to take pre-nup photos


Hug me, I’m freezing


Daddy and Me


I spot this Chinese carving on a wooden bench:

Life is a flower, and love is honey


Someone give me some honey.


Taipei International Flora Expo:
November 6, 2010 – April 25, 2011, 9am-10pm

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