Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dessert Comes First 6th Anniversary Party - The Big Day

“Mom, I’m on a very strict diet. I’ll just have fruits for lunch today.”
So this is what I have at 12:30pm, and not even a breadcrumb for breakfast this morning.
The plan is to arrive hungry at Lori’s anniversary party because my system is scheduled to do some extreme pigging out on all the 36 goodies starting 2pm.
Plan succeeds. Yay. I almost die from starvation as I climb up the very last step to Top Shelf, where the event I’ve been waiting to happen since that very day Lori okayed our photo entries is gonna be held.
I almost die, but…

Paeng Soon of Ma Chicken Mami House saves me. That’s him on the left,
with Ricky Morelos of Dulcelin beside him. They’re sweet like that. Aww.

Paeng saves me with this delicious bowl of Special Mami. He makes a killer broth, I tell you. Someone forgets to give a Honey BBQ Siopao to me, the siopao face.

Dulcelin’s booth is right next to our table, and I can’t help but drool at the assembly on the counter.

                         Kurobuta Pork Buns                                         Red Rice with Lettuce and Shrimp

I love Dulcelin’s plate because it is a well-balanced and complete meal of salad,
rice, pork, bun, and of course, the infamous and addicting mango torte.

Oh and excuse me, Dulcelin’s pork is not just any pork. It is Kurobuta pork belly cooked sous-vide for 48 hours. Yes, two thousand eight hundred eighty minutes. (Whew!) Even my sister who doesn’t like to eat waxes poetic over this. Melts in your mouth like magic.

Miko Morelos of Dulcelin, with Paeng and Ricky (you guys again?!?) Smile with tongue out

Then I itch for some chocolate things.

Carla and Elaine of, well, Carla & Elaine’s (duh!)

Carla & Elaine’s Chocolate Pound Cake, Almond Toffee Cake, Chocolate Sablé
I can have more of that almond toffee cake.

Then my attention turns to these Choc-Nut creations.

Ann Puno manning her booth

Double Chocolate Choc-Nut Cupcakes. And there’s plain choc-nut cupcakes, too!

Needing a little break from the sugar overload, I get myself some savory pies.

Tina Raines of Tina’s Pie Outlet and her husband

Salmon and Prawns Pie, Cheese Steak Pie
I love that Tina doesn’t scrimp when making her pies. There is a good proportion of filling vs. crust which is so hard to find nowadays. I find the salmon a bit fishy, but OMG, that Cheese Steak Pie tastes like a cross between Brad Pitt and George Clooney! ♥

And then the sweet tooth in me attacks again…

Sweet Bella, the maker of these beauties which are just too exquisite to eat

                                   Carribean                                                                            Banoffee

Strawberry Charlotte – layers and layers of the lightest whipped cream, fresh strawberries and sweet nougatine, this torte makes me feel like I’m an angel in heaven eating strawberry clouds. Hands down my favorite of all desserts today.

Cristina Santiago-Rivera of Sweet Bella
I am so gonna buy a whole cake and eat it, too!

Kitchen’s Best and Roselyn Tiangco

White Chocolate-Macadamia Brittle Cheesecake, Purple Yam Cake, Mango Sansrival,
Plaisir Sucré. I thought I’d be floored by the purple yam cake (I’m in love with ube and the color purple), but it is the Plaisir Sucré, the chocolate-hazelnut dacquoise-chocolate cream-ganache-praline devil that captures my soul. This is how all chocolate desserts
should be – rich, indulgent, extravagant.

And then a quiche break…

Gail Ang of Simply Pie

Spinach, Feta & Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche, Mushroom and Sour Cream Quiche
I cannot decide which half I love best, they are both oh so delicious! 
I only wish they came in bigger sizes.

And then it is time to go to Rockwell to watch Rio. The fatterside cousins call to tell me they’re in the car already. WTH??? In my panic I forget to take the rest of the goodies. Me is stooopid.
Luckily, my sister Jamie is way smarter than I, and also very generous to share with me her stash.

Gina Lopez of Paisley Pastry and her team

Carrot Cake Cupcakes, Cruffles, and “Bekon”
On the way to Rockwell, I try a piece of the super crispy pork belly that is “bekon” and OH MY GOD I ALMOST COME IN MY PANTS!!! And what is this they’re telling me? There’s homemade tsokolate dip to go with this? I want to jump off the car and run back to Top Shelf.

Delize by Jill Sandique

                                Concorde                                                                   Pistachio Sansrival

Chocolate Chubbies, Jam Thumbprints, Sesame Spice
Jill Sandique is a household name. Her sansrival has no match, and now, her cookies.
The Sesame Spice makes me so happy.

My cup of Boyds Coffee Hazelnut Latte. Yum.

My cousin Nikko completes all 12. You go, girl!

And cousin Florence wins an Appetime watch

Congrats, Lori! It’s such a great party!
(Thank you, Paeng, for taking this shot)

The Fatterside cousins with Lori Baltazar

Dessert Comes First:
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