Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miyabi at Pan Pacific Manila, Revisited ♥ ♥


You know how some places serve better food at dinner than at lunch?

I think Miyabi is one such place.

Remember my luncheon sometime ago?  Tsk.

… Or maybe I just have more sophisticated ordering skills after 7pm.


IMG_0604An Encyclopedia Britannica of a menu


IMG_0612Kimpira Gobo – very addicting stuff




IMG_0617Special Kani Salad – love the sprinkling of sakura powder


IMG_0618Umaki Tamago – Beware! Those tiny pieces of eel got way too many bones!


IMG_0627Unagi and Inari Sushi – again, be cautious of them little unagi bones




So you noticed. We love unagi.

We ordered manymanymore dishes that night, but the waitress prohibited me from taking photos and stood close to our table to watch me the whole time.

Restaurant snootiness still exists?!


Anyway, 12 days later I am back with my weapon – Ahia Nichol, my cousin and a very important person at Miyabi.

Hey waitress, watch and weep! Smile with tongue out


We each order a dinner set which consists of a main dish of our choice, 2 mini appetizers, miso soup, rice or noodles, ice cream or fruits.


IMG_1027Ahia Nic has 2 orders of Tamago Tofu for his appetizer


IMG_1026I have Tamago


IMG_1029and Agedashi Tofu


IMG_1039He orders US Beef Teppan for his entrée. I steal a piece. It is soft and flavorful.


IMG_1033I order a Mini Sukiyaki which turns out to be more maxi than mini. The beef is tender and the soup very tasty, but I can’t possibly allow myself to finish this giant bowl that is good for two. I beg Ahia Nic to share it with me.


But minutes after he turns me down, I find myself slurping up the last strand of noodle from my bowl, and I catch my date smiling amusedly at me.

Oh come on, Nichol Yap, wipe that nasty grin off your face!


IMG_1035We upgrade to fried rice instead of steamed. Gotta level up.


IMG_1041Miso soup


IMG_1043Green tea ice cream – didn’t they say it’s good to have green tea after a very big meal?


Another night of gluttony. Thank you, Ahia Nic! Smile


Miyabi: 2nd Floor, Adriatico Square, Pan Pacific Manila, M. Adriatico, corner Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-536-0351 to 54

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