Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wororot Market, Chiang Mai ♥ ♥ ♥


Do you know how difficult it is to eat and walk and squeeze yourself between hundreds of people and take pictures of everything all at the same time?


I don’t have the powers to multitask like that.

But because I love you, I sacrifice the eating part and just walk, squeeze and take pictures.

So here are some sights from Wororot, one of Chiang Mai’s largest outdoor markets.


wororot market strawberriesStrawberries, strawberries, strawberries


wororot market strawberriesA mountain of strawberries


wororot market fruit standOther non-strawberry fruits


wororot marketSausages and The Woman Who Wears Sunglasses at Night


wororot marketCrepes and waffles


wororot market(Meat?)Balls on sticks


wororot marketDried squid on sticks


wororot marketAnd even hard boiled eggs on sticks!


wororot market fried insectsInsectssssss (click to enlarge below photos at your own risk)


wororot market fried insects  wororot market fried insectswororot market fried insects  wororot market fried insects


wororot market edible insectsThese actually look like crunchy, tasty things


wororot market rabbitLittle black furry things (Warning: not for eating!)


wororot marketDeep fried goodies


wororot marketSoup, knuckles and noodles


wororot marketGrilled fishes


wororot marketSeafood cakes grilled in banana leaves


wororot marketBarbecued meats and intestines


wororot market sausageSausage pearl necklace


wororot market chiliesChilies, chilies, chilies


wororot marketReally pretty clams


wororot marketSweet soups in plastic bags (Okay, I had one. I couldn’t resist.)


wororot market coconutRoasted and fresh Thai coconuts – my favorite!


wororot marketThis is the real deal open kitchen


wororot marketWororot’s version of the One Dollar Store. Everything you need, it’s all here.


wororot marketWatches, bracelets, accessories


wororot marketHair clips, hair pins and scroongies.


I love saying that word.

Scroongies, scroongies, scroongies!

Sounds so much better than Wororot, right?


Wororot Market: By the Ping River, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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