Saturday, February 12, 2011

Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon and Doi Kham Coffee ♥ ♥ ♥


Why can’t our government do something like this? When it comes to natural resources, isn’t the Philippines as rich as Thailand?


Look at Thailand and the King’s Royal Projects.


royal agricultural station inthanon


The aim of these agriculture-based projects is to help the poor by teaching them different farming methods. Kinda like that Chinese proverb “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” And also to put an end to opium poppies-growing, thereby stopping drug trade and eliminating opium druggies.

Farming experts from overseas are invited to come educate the locals, and sometimes local farmers are sent abroad to undergo further training. The Thai government then loans them some money so they can set up their very own farms.

And feed themselves for a lifetime.


royal agricultural station inthanonI look to my left, I look to my right, I see Hope and Progress everywhere.


royal agricultural station inthanonThey grow everything from strawberries to lettuces to peppers to coffee to tea


royal agricultural station inthanonThey also grow pretty flowers, too


royal agricultural station inthanon swan lakeAnd look, a swan lake! (They didn’t grow this)


black swanHello there, Black Beauty!


black swanMama swans and baby swans


white swansWhite swans and little duckies


black swansI find the black swans’ ruffled feathers oh so pretty


black swansI can’t stop taking pictures! Click, click, click!


royal agricultural station inthanonIt is such a happy, flowery, heavenly place. Oops, are we blocking the view?


royal agricultural station inthanonThere. Such a happy, flowery, heavenly place.


doi kham coffeeDoi Kham Coffee time!


doi kham coffee plantDoi Kham Coffee is the brand of Royal Projects-grown Arabica coffee.
That’s a “Doi Kham” coffee plant on the right.


doi kham coffeeThe restaurant and coffee shop


doi kham coffeeDoi Kham Espresso – rich, strong and very smooth. Some of the best I’ve ever had.


doi kham coffeeSo good I just have to have a second cup


doi kham coffeeCafé Mocha


vegetablesThe Royal Agricultural Station’s homegrown veggies are fresh and crisp


vegetablesand sweet.


IMG_6985Enjoying our coffees and vegetables. Uncle Richard, Sam, Auntie Susan, Xiao Fang and Me


Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon: Baan Khun Klang,Chom Thong Tel. +66 05326 8567, +66 05326 8558 #11

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