Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Magic Island and Snorkeling ♥ ♥ ♥


Today is such a beautiful day.

We are going to catch some pretty little fishies and eat them all for lunch.


boracayOur ride


IMG_2352Kristie, Me, Chris, Charlie, Joy, Auntie Judy, Rach and Lee


boracay snorkelingHunting. Come to mama, fishy fishy!


boracay snorkeling nemoHow about some Nemos?


boracay sea urchinOr sea urchin? Yum. My favorite!


snorkeling in boracayNah, just kidding! We’re just snorkeling around.
We bought fresh seafood and meat from D’Talipapa earlier this morning.


magic island boracayLunch venue: Magic Island


magic island boracayWaiting in our hut while the kitchen grills our lunch.


magic island boracayThe view


grilled liempo pork bellyGrilled pork belly


grilled squidGrilled squid stuffed with tomatoes


grilled chickenGrilled chicken


grilled fishGrilled fish


grilled zucchiniGrilled zucchini


pineapple ringsPineapple rings


IMG_2373Watermelon slices


IMG_2376This is the life. ♥

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