Monday, February 14, 2011

Kasbah, Boracay ♥ ♥


kasbah boracay


It’s the flirtatious pinks and purples and blues.

They’re calling out to me.

I know I may seem like one tough cookie, but deep inside I am just like any other soft and chewy cookie. Huh? I am sensitive, a drama-queen, affection-hungry, attention-hungry, and I will always have a thing for flirtatious pinks.


kasbah boracay pita breadKemia – pita bread with assorted dips. Clockwise from top: Zaalouk (roasted mashed aubergine and tomato salad in olive oil), Hummus (chickpeas, tahini and olive oil puree), and Mechouia (roasted mashed red bell pepper and tomato salad in olive oil). Boring.


kasbah boracay briouatsBriouats - crispy filo pastries with feta cheese and minced beef filling with harissa dip. Nice.


kasbah boracay brochettePrawns Brochette and Chicken Brochette – overcooked, as expected


kasbah boracay beef kebabBeef Kefta with Aromatic Herbs – dry


IMG_1878Kasbah Chicken Wrap – spicy grilled chicken with tomato, cucumber, onion, yoghurt and preserved lemon. Just ok.


kasbah lamb tagineLamb Tagine – prunes, hard-boiled egg, honey and almonds.
Wonderful flavors and lamb is fall-off-the-bone tender.


kasbah couscousCouscous


IMG_1241Soft and chewy: Me, Sheryl, Sherylou and Jen (except Jen is really one tough cookie!)


Kasbah: Station One, White Beach, Boracay, Aklan, Philippines (next to Discovery Shores)
Tel: + 63-36-288-4790

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