Monday, February 14, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, February 7-13, 2011


Can we NOT talk about Valentines Day anymore?

Pretty, pretty please?

Can we talk about more important things like the political situation in Egypt, property taxes, the Weather Channel, and almond cappuccino bars.

Yes, Almond Cappuccino Bars.

Very important stuff.


dragonfly dessertsOur box of Dragonfly Desserts goodies from Uncle RC


dragonfly dessertsLoaded with almonds and chocolate chips


dragonfly desserts almond cappuccino barsMoist and fudgy, good with coffee.


February 7, 11:57am

IMG_8014Steamed lapu-lapu, assorted mushrooms, black chicken adobo, chives, rice

IMG_8016Dragon fruit, pear, pomelo, melon


February 7, 6:41pm

IMG_8017Super delicious bangus (Thank you, Auntie Babie!), asparagus with shrimps,
pork and beans, rice


February 8, 11:52am

IMG_8019Sweet and sour fish, braised pork, Chinese pechay with XO sauce, boiled spinach, rice

IMG_8021Dragon fruit, apple, pear, star apple, pomelo, banana

IMG_8022Tikoy and steamed yellow bun


February 9, 11:02am

IMG_8080Dragon fruit, pear, pomelo, banana


February 10, 12:45pm

IMG_8163Fish fillet in XO sauce, bok choy, beef bulgogi, rice

IMG_8165Pear, pomelo, apple, mango, dragon fruit


February 10, 7:47pm

IMG_8168Gambas on whole wheat pasta

IMG_8169Fresh OJ


February 10, 11:29pm

IMG_8173Vegetarian miswa at my Gwama’s


February 11, 1:36pm

IMG_8180Steamed lapu-lapu, steamed suahe, garlic rice

IMG_8181Star apple, mango, pomelo, pear, dragon fruit, persimmon


February 12, 1:00pm 

IMG_8276Unagi, buttered sole fillet, spinach, rice

IMG_8279Persimmon, pomelo, pineapple-custard apple, dragon fruit

IMG_8280Fresh AJ


February 13, 1:31pm

IMG_8282Beef ribs adobo, soft boiled egg, blanched spinach, rice

IMG_8284Persimmon, melon, dragon fruit, pomelo

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