Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jonah’s Fruit Shakes and Fire Dances, Boracay ♥ ♥ ♥


jonah's fruitshake boracay


I don’t think I need to tell you Jonah’s shakes are a legend. Anyone and everyone who has been to Boracay is smitten with the magic potions.

I am.

If you’re not, well, then you have a big problem.

Go cry to your mama, tell her I said you don’t have taste.

Just kidding, hihi! I know you love it when I talk biatchy. Winking smile


jonah's fruitshake boracayChoco Banana Shake


jonah's fruitshake boracayMango Milk Shake – Rach’s poison


IMG_2392I don’t know how my cousin can down 3 Mango Milks in a day and maintain her svelte figure while I down just 2 and become fat for life. (That’s Lee, her cheerleader)


jonah's fruitshake boracayMy most favorite flavors: Mango Milk, Strawberry Banana, and Strawberry Mango.
Until now I still can’t decide which my most-most favorite is. Argh!!!


jonah's fruitshake boracayThe Best Fruit shake in the Island. AHH-MEN!


IMG_2461And Charlie will happily attest to that!


We order some food to go with our shakes, but they turn out to be rather forgettable.

                               Fried Lumpia                                                                 Sizzling Shrimps


                                     Sisig                                                                                    Beef Tapa?


IMG_2397Tortang Talong


We cap off the night with a nice stroll on the beach…

fire dance boracay

fire dance boracay

fire dance boracay

fire dance boracay

fire dance boracay(Nicer photos grabbed from Lee)


And a round of drinks at Zuzuni.

27236_422098865930_695505930_5808850_383882_nAuntie Judy, Chris, Me, Charlie, Rach and Joy
(Sorry, Kristie, we missed you in this pic, but you just dozed off under the tree)




27236_422199460930_695505930_5811528_7875535_nLove this light ball


Jonah’s Fruit Shakes: Station 1, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines. Tel: +63-36-288-3281

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