Sunday, February 13, 2011

Green Maris Hot Pot ♥ ♥


green maris hotpotEating hotpot with my family is like going to war. Every minute we have to remind ourselves: Relax, relax, relax!


hotpot saucesChoose your weapon


hotpot sauceThis is mine. And it’s da bomb!


hotpot lamb slicesBecause all the aunties don’t eat beef, this will be an exclusive lamb shabu-shabu party


hotpot prawnsWith some prawns


IMG_3173And some fish part (what part is this again?)


My God! Even the waiters want to battle with me, throwing everything into the pots before I have the chance to take decent photos! Argh!


hotpot shrimp ballsShrimp Balls


hotpot fish ballsFish Balls




golden mushroomsGolden Mushrooms – my favorite!




green maris hotpotThere’s a lot more stuff, but sorry, no photos (I kill you, waiter, I kill you!) 
So do me a favor, just look in the pot and figure it out.


Not that the hotpot isn’t enough, but we order more food to make our dinner more fun.

barbecue pork chasiuBarbecue Pork – could more tender


roast porkRoast Pork – again, could be more tender


gloria maris chicken feetChicken Feet


gloria maris radish cakeRadish Cake


gloria maris barbecue pork bunPork Barbecue Buns


malay sponge cakeMalay Sponge Cake – love it


gloria maris tahoHot Taho – a disaster


The Warriors. Fight, fight, fight!


Green Maris Hot Pot: Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Philippines. Tel: +632-722-5508 to 10

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