Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alegre Beach Resort and Spa ♥


alegre beach resortIt’s time to soak up the sun!


alegre beach resortReception area is native and rustic.


alegre beach resortThe Deluxe Room is old, dark and really yellowish. Feels like a hospital. Not charming at all.


alegre beach resortThe curtains, cushion covers, desk, floor tiles, TV cabinet and EVERYTHING 
desperately need updating.


alegre beach resortToilet, bath, shower, flowers


IMG_0362Sink, hairdryer, and me


The room is so depressing I need to eat something.


alegre beach resortCheck out the view from The Pavilion restaurant. Ahhh… this is more like it.


IMG_0519Seafood salad


IMG_0518Grilled chicken barbeque with rice


IMG_0523I have to keep reminding myself we’re here for the beach, not for the food.
That is me some 20 lbs. ago (Not-so-obese Jin, I miss you terribly!)


alegre beach resortSwimming Pool


alegre beach resortBut who needs the pool when you have THIS.


alegre beach resortWhite sand, blue skies,


alegre beach resortand clear, pristine waters.


alegre beach resortSome water activities: Jet skiing


IMG_0385and Kissing


IMG_0381As for me, I’m just happy playing with my little friends here


Almost sunset = almost dinner time!


IMG_0473You can choose to eat with other vacationers at The Cliff Seafood BBQ and Bar


IMG_0418Or request a private dinner by the beach


The 5-course set dinner: (Forgot the names. Forgettable food.)

IMG_0428Some salad with mango salsa


IMG_0433Some soup with croutons and breadsticks


IMG_0434Really mouthwatering lechon kawali we stole from the buffet (not included in the set)


IMG_0441Some creamy mushroom thing with standing sesame crisp


IMG_0442Some citrus sorbet to cleanse the palate


IMG_0449Seafood pasta (with that mango salsa again!)


IMG_0450Blueberry cheesecake. Love the artwork more than the cake.


IMG_0461We are floating by the time we finish eating.


IMG_0466Poor Mr. Beetle hanging on for dear life


Alegre Beach Resort and Spa: Calumboyan, Sogod, Island of Cebu, Philippines.
Tel: +63-32-2549800; +63-32-2549811

Manila Sales Office: Unit 1203, Tycoon Center, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. Tel:+632-634 7505 to 07

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