Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Day After Chinese New Year


In Chinese tradition, the day after the Lunar New Year is the “回娘家 Day” or “Go Back To Your Mama’s House Day.” 

Well, I ain’t married yet and my Mama’s house is my house so I guess we’re going to my Gwama’s house.

But no one woke me up this morning and Mom and Dad left me (again!) so it is 3pm by the time I get to Gwama’s house for lunch (long story).


Now there are 2 ways to know whether or not your family truly loves and cares for you.

1. No one finishes the food even if you know they can. Very. Easily. (We are not called The Fatterside for nothing, I tell ya.)


IMG_7786Native Chicken Miswa for long life, good luck, etc, etc.


IMG_7782Red Ribbon Palabok for longer life, great luck, etc, etc, etc. 
(Dear RR, your sauce isn’t enough and you didn’t give us even one piece of calamansi!)


IMG_7777Pork and Egg Adobo


IMG_7781Black Chicken Adobo – my favorite!


2. No one dares touch the cakes until The Family Sweet Tooth (that’s me! that’s me!) has arrived, has finished eating the above foods, has taken photos, has taken more photos, and has taken a photo she is finally satisfied with.


IMG_7793Cheesecake, etc. Blueberry Cheesecake


IMG_7804Red Ribbon Mango Cake


IMG_7807Red Ribbon Black Forest


IMG_7810Red Ribbon cakes courtesy of my cousin Florence’s 3 very-long-time yaya and house maids.
Thanks, Flor, for letting us eat your birthday cakes on your behalf! (Oh, you didn’t know???)


IMG_7788Fresh Coconut Juice from Bataan


IMG_7812Auntie Babie and her new Hermes-wannabe Banane Bag


My family loves me. Yay!

I think I want to stay single and live with my folks forever.

(Mom and Dad, please try not to faint.)

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